Welcome To The Club

Congratulations! You have successfully implemented your first web development process. You took a webpage from idea to deployment on the World Wide Web. This is the essence of what web developers do. Welcome to the club!

Let’s recap some of the super-cool stuff we learned:

You know how to navigate the command line and how to issue commands that create and delete files and directories. You know what commands, options, and arguments are. You know how to use third-party commands like git.

And speaking of Git, you have already begun familiarizing yourself with the features of version control you will be using the most - commits and branching. You also know how to create a remote repository on GitHub and link it to your local repository.

Perhaps most impressively, you have immediately leveraged some of the GitHub service’s functionality to the hilt by learning how to deploy a GitHub Page to the web. This GitHub Page has allowed you to turn the very first HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you wrote on your text editor into a live project. This is a very visible part of your résumé.

Last, but certainly not least - you also learned how to open your browser development tools. The Web Inspector tool will be particularly useful in Part 3, where we delve further into HTML, CSS, and other fundamental web technologies.