Make Webpages Look The Way You Want Them To

In Part 3, you are going to build and deploy webpages with increasingly complex user interfaces. You will build these “UIs” with HTML and CSS, the respective web languages used for structuring and styling webpages. We use the web development process we created in Part 2, giving you essential practice while also building your coding résumé.

Broader software development topics will be touched upon, including design and how to decide when you should introduce a software library(like the Bootstrap CSS framework) to your code. Part 3 ends with some tips on how to combine learning with résumé enhancement (spoiler: when you read internet tutorials, just turn them into even more GitHub repositories).

If you have not already, I strongly encourage you to purchase a physical copy of The CSS Book listed in Appendix A. The exercises in Part 3 recommend many companion chapters from The CSS Book.